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Author, Speaker & Podcaster

Anna Gouker

INCLUSION and EQUALITY of opportunity,

those are the values that have motivated Anna's life and career

decisions from the very beginning.


Born with a degenerative muscle disease that requires her to use a high-tech, super sci-fi motorized wheelchair, Anna has had the opportunity to view the world from a unique perspective and focus her immense energy on finding solutions where others see limitations. 

After earning her Master's degree in rehabilitation psychology from University of Wisconsin-Madison, Anna established her professional roots in counseling and program development while working for several years in the Human Services field.  Anna was a 2018 fellow of New Leaders Council-Wisconsin and made a splash in the political arena with her Spring 2018 campaign for public office, where she highlighted the need for fair housing practices and improved environmental controls in her local community. 

With a well-defined point of view, Anna is elevating conversations about unconventional leadership and innovative solutions to the big problems of today.  In her first book, Don't Ask Permission to Fly, readers are offered an intimate glimpse of the personal and professional experiences that give Anna her unique vantage point.

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